Marketing for Marketers – Stop dodging the blogging!


I’ve said to many people how much easier it is for me to help others market themselves but then neglect my own marketing. This is common in many industries, I mean how many hairdressers do you know that do their own hair?  OK, that’s probably not the best example : ) but you know what I’m getting at. The expectation would be that the hairdresser would have great hair with a cutting edge style right? So why is it that too many marketers (me included) are still struggling to get to grips with the greatest development to take place in modern marketing; Social media and in particular blogging? 

For some of us it’s simply a time issue, for others it could be that you think you won’t have anything interesting to talk about or it could be that you’re paralysed at the overwhelming thought of the inner workings of your mind being on view to people all over the world! One of my thoughts was that with literally thousands of marketing, social media blogs out there, does the world really need another blog on marketing?! Well I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m writing in my own style, why not!

Over the last year I’ve had some great meetings with companies/clients telling them about the importance of blogging. I’ve read some brilliant blog articles too and believe that blogging is a fantastic marketing tool. A few benefits is that it will:

  • keep your website fresh when done regularly, which will aid your ranking on Google search engines
  • improve your online visibility 
  • help to grow your online audience which will eventually lead to some business wins!

Read Jeff Bullas for more benefits of blogging.

Humbly, I have to admit I’ve failed to make the most of it. Consistent blogging comes naturally for some, but for regular people like me, we have to work at it!

Here are some tips that I’m using that might help you too:

  1. Dedicate one day a week to writing whether it’s your blog, a report or a presentation. For me that day is Friday, it’s close to the weekend so that will be my reward!
  2. Declutter your mind of any anxious thoughts about writing by going for a walk, a run or perhaps meditate.
  3. Get inspired by reading other great blogs or books on marketing, social media or business in general. Blogs I read regular are those by Copyblogger, Mark Schaefer, Social Examiner, Griselda K Togobo , Ragan Communications. 
  4. Have music in the background perhaps (I realise this is not for everyone) but for me nothing inspires my creativity more than listening to some great music. Hard core rock or drum & bass might not be the best choice but whatever floats your boat : )
  5. A different approach that might be of benefit to creative types might be mind-mapping (go to for more info). This was suggested to me by Marketing Coach, Ian Brodie. It’s a great way to improve creativity and makes it easier to come up with fresh ideas, plan presentations, reports and blogs even! I’ve had my mind-mapping book for years now, time to dust it off. It’s probably not for everyone but I’m going to give it a try…again, will let you know how I do.
  6. If you really are struggling to find the time to blog perhaps use Elance to hire a blogger to write on your behalf from time to time.
  7. And last but not least get someone to hold you accountable! Nothing should motivate you more than not wanting to look like a total loser by having to admit, for the umpteenth time! that you still haven’t written a  blog for that week or month.

My goal is to publish a one or two blogs a week from now on. Feel free to hold me accountable if you seen that I’ve dropped off the bloggersphere for way too long, just give me holla : )