Give People a Reason


What I want to address is something pretty minor that I’ve overlooked for the longest time but I thought it’d be worth bringing up as most of us are working on improving how we market ourselves so I guessed you wouldn’t mind.

On occasion I get followed on Twitter and as long as you have a decent profile, you’re not just posting quotes all day and you have a photo (I don’t follow eggheads in real life so I’m not going to start now) then I’ll follow back. At times though when I get those automated direct messages I’m sometimes tempted to unfollow.

I recently got one of those twitter direct messages straight after connecting with a new twitter contact:

“Thanks for following, please link with me on LinkedIn.” 

Ah you get these messages too? 

So whenever I get these requests my first thought is ‘why should I?’ not in a turning my nose up sort of way, but genuinely asking what reason have you given me to follow you on another platform when I’ve only just connected with you.

It almost feels like there should be an additional line that says “please connect with me on ‘X social media platform as well’ because I’m trying to get as many connections as possible, I may even unfollow you on Twitter just to inflate my follower to follow ratio too”

It’s not the end of the world I know but it’s a shame that people feel it’s OK to communicate this way.

So if you want to avoid coming across insincere and a tad desperate take heed of the following:

Give people time to get to know you on the first platform that you’re connected on and if you want to be connected with them elsewhere why don’t you simply follow/connect with them again.

If you have to send a automated direct message just say thanks for following and leave it at that or send them to your website or offer a freebie of some sort (without the salesy bit)

You want more subscribers to your blog/youtube channel? Give them a reason to subscribe.

You want more likes on your FB page? Don’t just ask people to like the page, give a good enough reason to follow before you ask, and guess what? you might not even have to ask.




  • Julie Crowley

    I like the insight here Denise. I too wonder why I should follow people just because they ask? I havent asked for followers on any social media. And generally the idea is for me, and I say it, ‘I hope I can give you something useful and interesting on here’. That’s what the following is about isn’t it? Finding a business useful and using them! Thanks for sharing this. (Oh, and like the new website! Looks good!)

    • onecirclecomms

      Thanks for sharing Julie, as you correctly pointed out it should be about us providing something for of value first, before we expect someone to follow/like/connect with us. We do that in the real world after all.