Change or Be Left Behind

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be” – (retweeted by tons of people on Twitter) The proliferation of twee quotes on twitter is just way too much for me sometimes but every so often you spot one or two that makes you sit back and think ‘hmm that’s so true’ before retweeting […]

Keep Marketing at the Heart of Your Business

Marketing cartoon Ted Goff

I’m always amazed by how many small businesses or new start-ups seem quite happy to bypass the marketing process because they just want to get on with the seemingly ‘more important’ aspects of running their business.  In many cases marketing is simply seen as an add on or another dreary activity like doing your accounts […]

Networking: The Business Card Exchange

OCC Biz cards pic

  Networking is one of those must-do marketing activities you’ll either love or hate! Personally I don’t mind it, however, it was something said to me at an event a few weeks ago that got me thinking about people’s attitude to handing out their business cards and I thought it would be quite useful to share. […]

Download Report: Track Your Marketing

detective with magnifying glass

  How Keeping Track of your Marketing leads to aHigher Return on Investment (ROI) You are a small business owner and have stepped up your marketing activities over the last couple of years but you have no clue as to which activities are working, or those that are not. So many companies are not able […]

Tweet Or Delete?

Our first week of 2012 and we’ve already seen one of the first #tweetfails of the year from Diane Abbott MP (and no I don’t think she’s racist, let me get that out there). There have been others. It was just a very careless thing to tweet. As an MP whose every word is scrutinized, […]