ASSESS: Where you are

Our Content Marketing Audit is the best place to start if you’re already creating content to market your business but it’s not having the impact and getting the results you want.

The audit will help to highlight:

  •      How effective your current approach is – what to KEEP doing.
  •      What’s not working so well – what to STOP doing.
  •      What gaps you currently have in your content marketing – what to START doing.


Our Content Marketing Audit starts from £295*. This includes:

  1. A pre-audit questionnaire.
  2. A review of your current content marketing capability with OCC examining your website as well as other pieces of content you’ve shared online and/or offline.
  3. A focused, action-oriented audit report, with our key findings and recommendations. 

* If you have a larger site and/or more content the cost and time to audit will increase. The audit takes a minimum of one day, depending on the amount of content you have.