About Onecircle

Onecircle Communications is a boutique content marketing consultancy. We encourage a holistic approach to your marketing efforts because your target audience isn’t using just one platform (or type of screen!) so neither should you. We work with you to put content marketing at the core of your business strategy and make it work for you. Used correctly content marketing will bring out the best of who you are and what you do, attracting the clients you want.  

Content Marketing is simply the creation, sharing and re-purposing of your content (blog posts, tweets, videos, reports, newsletters, images etc) across various platforms at different intervals for marketing purposes. The aim being to get noticed then generate leads, build engagement then relationships and most importantly convert these relationships into sales.

Content Marketing is not…

Social Media. They are two separate things (with some overlap). Social media is one of many channels used for content marketing to distribute content.

A one off campaign. It’s a long term strategy that should be a culture developed within companies.  This can work for both solo-preneurs or large organisations.

A new term (Well it is new-ish but was actually first coined in 2001) The practice of producing content to tell a brand’s story has been around for years as you know. However, what is new is the requirement to market content across various channels in a highly strategic and integrated way – without the hard sell.

Right now some of you might be saying to the screen, “Ok, but so what?” Well, content marketing, when done right will draw people to your cause (what ever that is) If your communication is more humanistic and less full of jargon, your content is more likely to attract your ideal customer to your business. They in turn will get to know, like and trust you as an expert in your field (as well as what product or services you have to offer) and over time will be more likely to buy from you.

OCC works with you to create more engaging content and ensures that you choose the right communication channels to reach your ideal audience in a way that is authentic and of value.

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OCC Content Creators

Jess – Writer. Proofreader. Editor. She has crafted beautifully formed sentences for a wide range of audiences nationally and internationally. When she’s not typing away you’ll find her enjoying her other favourite pastime – eating cake.

Michelle – Writer. Proofreader.  A talented creative writer and published poet (she got a distinction in her creative writing masters programme don’t you know ; )

Tony – Web designer. Reliable and thorough, he thinks like an online marketer so you’ll get more than just a pretty site.

Nicola – Graphic Designer, brand identity builder.  Loves working with brands that are making a positive difference in society.

About You

    • You’re passionate about your business and making a difference
    • You’re an established business but still haven’t got to grips with how to market yourself effectively online
    • You understand and value marketing but don’t have the time to do it well
    • You want to be able to attract more leads via your website
    • You want to produce content people actually want to read
    • You create content but its not working for you 
    • You want to humanise your marketing communication and create a jargon free zone
    • You are ready to put content marketing at the heart of all your marketing efforts

If you are most, or even all of these, we would love to work with you. 

And a little bit about me

Denise OCC

I’m Denise Brooks, the owner of Onecircle Communications. I’m a creative at heart with a love for marketing. Before setting up OCC I worked in various industries, everything from property to the (not as glam as you think) world of magazine publishing.  In another life I’d pursue a career in modern dance or become a professional singer *sighs wistfully* but hey that wasn’t to be.  I love what I do and primarily work one to one with clients that are involved in business coaching and consultancy, lifestyle and wellbeing coaching as well as organic/natural health and beauty brands, helping them create and execute content marketing strategies that support their business goals.

By consistently using brilliant content marketing to communicate your brand’s story to your audience,  your business will experience great results and OCC is here to help you along the way.

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