6 ‘Impossible’ Things We Can Achieve with Marketing


Over the holiday season we saw the usual onslaught of fantasy films (usually repeated at least 2/3 times a day here in the UK!) the one I caught was Tim Burton’s dark remake of the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t watch it the first time round and only watched it because nothing else was on, so I wasn’t really following much of the film. I was more intrigued by the amazing make-up and cinematography, until the part of the film where Alice was chosen as the one to slay the Jabberwocky (that’s dragon to you and me).  I guess the reason that got my attention is that there’s something about seeing the underdog, or someone not so powerful in appearance, go on to do something that is way beyond them. Think David and Goliath, Frodo and that ring or Susan Boyle…

Anyway, it got me thinking about the tough situations we may have faced in our businesses or those almost insurmountable things (in our minds) that we either need or want to face and overcome to see real victory. Today’s marketing practices have opened up doors that were once closed to many businesses/entrepreneurs.

Some of those (impossible) things include:

  • Reaching an audience of 10’s of thousands using a variety of Social Media platforms.
  • Having direct access to senior managers, CEO’s and even celebrities without having to go through gatekeepers.
  • Developing your online presence to the point that you become a ‘brand’ or mini celeb in your own right. Yes you!
  • Your thoughts and ideas could be spread across the globe in a matter of hours or even minutes, for free!
  • The opportunity to partner up with businesses on an international scale by engaging, providing value and being authentic in your online activities.
  • You could become known for your writing and vast knowledge of your industry (via blogging), your photography and creativity (via Instagram or Pinterest) or your informative videos and natural presentation style (via YouTube).

    These are skills that you may not have even realised you had. If you did, you didn’t use or have any intention on using them for marketing your business a few years ago.

    Marketing your business using intentional online marketing strategies has made these things possible

Those are just the first 6 that came to mind, but there are plenty more examples.

Watch this very short video clip Alice in Wonderland

In business there are always going to be obstacles and fears that we need to face and annihilate if we want to grow our business.

Alice had to recall 5 past impossible situations she had already experienced to believe that she could defeat the biggest obstacle that was standing right in front of her. “I can slay the Jabberwocky” was the 6th impossible thing she said and she went on to do just that. It might seem far fetched to use a fictional story to make this point but it’s powerful all the same because we know that in business and in our personal life it’s good to look back and reflect on past achievements to spur us on towards bigger successes. However, we’re not always so good at doing this.

The ‘dragon’ that I need to slay is my limiting belief that I can’t do ‘X, Y or Z’, so my mantra for this year is “Get over yourself!”, in other words I need to stop making things out to be SO big or impossible and just get out of my way and do that thing that challenges (i.e. scares) me the most. I’m not a Facebook fan for personal use so I was quite tentative about signing up to my first social sharing experience via Twitter. I thought it would be impossible for me to be able to eek out or even sustain any kind of social media presence. I remember thinking that I was too boring to get anyone’s attention (Ok don’t now all agree : ) but amazingly I’m still using Twitter almost 2 yrs later and loving it. Another was blogging, I’m still not churning out as much material as I’d like to yet but people actually like what I’ve written and that’s given me the confidence to keep on writing (don’t hesitate to let me know how I’m doing btw).

So that’s me, what about you?

List the things you’ve achieved over the last 12 months you thought were impossible, then list the ‘dragons’ you need to slay in order to go after more of your ‘impossible’ goals to achieve even greater business success.