My 3 Words


images-54 Inspired by Chris Brogan, I  again decided to choose 3 words to focus on throughout the year instead of the usual new year resolutions. In fact I can’t remember the last time I made a traditional resolution, for the last few years I’ve opted to have themes  which are much more inspiring.

Last year my three words were: Get. Over. Yourself. The reason for my choice of words (which was more of a statement) was simply that I was holding myself back from certain things, one of those being public speaking. I had done a few stints in the past but I’d avoid having to do at all costs (and this is from someone that has performed countless times on stage as a singer). So fast-forward a year later and I have to say that having my 3 words worked for me. The statement became my constant mantra every time I was tempted to make excuses and back out.  After doing my first two speaking gigs I was just buzzing to do more and well and truly got over myself! 

So this year I’m choosing three words (separate this time) that will cover my personal and business life.

And they are:


What ever it is you do for business having the attitude that you are there to serve others and offer your best takes the focus away from you worrying about how you’re coming across (great mindset to have when public speaking and writing!).

I love the point that (again) Chris Brogan made in his great post ‘Stop making content just to make it’ about the fact that content marketing should serve 1. your business and 2. your community if it does neither then you’re just creating content for the sake of it.


I tend to be fairly organised/disciplined but there are some important areas that I need to take it up a notch.

Some of those areas are:

  • Writing
  • Having better systems in place within OCC that enables me to create content efficiently… and consistently.
  • Exercising – I’m fortunate enough that no-one notices if I don’t exercise for months on end, but I seriously need to get fit again.


“Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”

Yes, I’m a Christian, so this obviously applies to my everyday living, but in regards to what I do within Onecircle there is certainly a place for faith. As I push forward working to grow OCC and operate outside my comfort zone more and more it’s natural for me to be a. doubtful (of my abilities) and/or even b. fearful (of failure or even success!).  I have enough faith in my abilities to be doing what I do, but I need to be more so.

Hopefully this inspires some of you to think about the things you want to grow in this year and possibly come up with a new approach to use to help you move closer to your business and personal goals.